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Outstanding Owls

October 10th, 2017 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

This morning, a visitor came into school to show us different owls. He also brought in a hawk.

Outside, we saw some of the owls fly from post to post, through people’s arm and in between tight spaces!

When we got inside, we were able to hold a female barn owl and we saw a snow owl that looked just like Hedwig.

We learned that females have a speckled chest and males are white on their chest. We also found out that they have super amazing hearing and can fly without being heard. As well, an owl’s claws (or talon) are 8x stronger than a dog’s jaw/bite.

Did you know, if an owl has yellow eyes, it means they can fly at night AND in the daytime. If they have orange eyes, they fly at sun rise and late evenings and if they have black eyes, they fly/hunt at night!



Joke – What is the most common owl in the U.K?

A. Teet Owl!


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